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Future Prospective Link Building Strategy

You can build high quality links at 1/10th of the total price and efforts. If you want to do so, then read this article.

Search Engines are getting cleverer. Especially Panda and Penguin updates which have segmented good versus bad content & linking sources. Now, it is not possible to attain good ranking and visibility in organic results through relevant content only. In other words, relevant content is not enough to attain higher ranking or success in search.

Search engines prevail to deliver the high quality and relevant content to the users so as to solve their problems. Creating a content that solves the problem of users is just half the battle. The market will not get or discover the content by its own. You have to implement a robust strategy so as to bring the content in front of your audience. If this strategy is implemented correctly, then this will help you to build thousands of links through just a few media placements.

At the higher level, the strategy consists of both creating and promoting of content. This process is divided into four parts:

A] Research
B] Creative
C] Promotion and
D] Conversion

A] RESEARCH: A link building or an effective SEO campaign requires an effort to understand the customer personas or character. It is essential to gather the information about customers to develop a relevant content. A relevant content is that content which educates, informs and entertains the audience. In order to create a powerful media, it is necessary that blogs, online media outlets and other social media sites must find the content is genuine. After knowing the persona of customers, you must create the content, focusing on their needs or requirements. To know about this you can make use of tools such as Google Adwords, Open site Explorer, Google analytics.

B] CREATIVE: The future of link building depends on the creativity of the content. If the content is not genuine, informative and entertaining, then the online sites will not share it. Therefore, put maximum efforts in creating a relevant content which will get placed on online media outlets and can be shared on social media also. Try to create professional content and involve industry team members during the design process.

C] PROMOTION: It is good to design a content keeping in mind that "if you build then they will come" but you are obviously promoting it to maximize ROI. So, for this it is important to promote it by using the best link building strategy. The best way to propel your business is to place a teaser content in front of your target audience. The teaser content is that content which includes the best highlights and is placed on quality and relevant websites.

D] CONVERSION: Conversion goals like leads, referral traffic, opt in email list generation etc are met in short time period where as organic search traffic and keyword growth are met in long time period. You can convert your visitors into customers by providing them with proper landing pages and call to actions.

Following the above steps will help you to create relevant content and promoting it on online media in an effective way.

Author Bio :- Sabrina doing SEO work from last 6 years, Currently she is working with SEO RANK SMART it is india based SEO Company offer good SEO Packages to its clients.