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Frequently Asked Questions What is SEO? SEO Optimisation is the art of website promotion focused on boosting your website to attain rank on SE's like Google
What is SEM? SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the 'sponsored listings' or 'sponsored links' of the reputed search engines
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Innovative SEO Services

Here in this SEO Company NSW, Australia we carry out Search Engine Optimisation for our client websites specifically targeting the three main search engines namely Google, Yahoo and Nine-MSN (putting more emphasis on Google). These search engines are our main focus because of their popularity and their vast searching filters, which makes them not only the most effective but, also the most challenging for us. These search engines produce unique results for every search made by their users and that is why we are known as Sydney’s most leading SEO firm as we believe in only ethical organic white hat SEO Techniques. Our SEO Services are goes by a three step process.

Pre SEO Optimisation

If your business is new and you are thinking about promoting your website for steady results then this SEO Company in NSW can assist you from the beginning, e.g. choosing the most appropriate domain name for your website. Actually nowadays a trend is recognized to choose the most effective search engine friendly domain name for a website

At this SEO Company in NSW, our priority is to know your business vision and to understand the future prospect of your website. After we are done with the briefing, our expert SEO professionals take over to do the market analysis, competitor analysis and KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) analyses based on the search engines and then help you choose the most influential domain name for your business. In short, if you don't have any domain name, then, we will provide you a list of effective domain names for your website, you choose one of them. That is but, only one part of affordable SEO Services in NSW. Then, there is more to come.

On-page SEO optimisation

  1. Our on-page SEO optimisation service starts with a vast KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) analysis for your website.
  2. As one of the best SEO services in Sydney, we not only use the Google Ad words Tool, we cycle the keywords on every reputed online instruments to handpick the most relevant keyword required for your website.
  3. When we are done with the online tools, we will be engaged with the market analysis as well as the competitor analysis for your website to choose the most effective keywords for your website.
  4. One of the cardinal rules of the search engine is that they always love those people who follow their rules appropriately. As we believe in providing the Best SEO Services in Sydney, we always suggest for search engine friendly website URLs (if required).
  5. At SEO Sydney, we always prefer to fix the canonical issues of your website through the HT access at the beginning of our SEO optimisation.
  6. After suggesting the keywords the content is the main thing to optimize. We will modify the entire content according to the keyword suggestions (if required).
  7. Search engines mainly stores the Meta title, Meta description and the Meta keywords into their databases. Thus, Meta tag scripting for all important pages is the most crucial part of the job for this SEO Company in NSW.
  8. When scripting the Meta title and descriptions, we always prefer to implement the suggested keywords into them for better placements into the search engines.
  9. For the sake of premium level rankings, we always maintain the appropriate and ethical keyword density into the content. When needed, we advise our client to modify the content according to the keyword list.
  10. As a part of one of the Best SEO services Sydney has to provide, it becomes our prerogative to place a common text header for all pages with H1 tags. These H1 Tags help in describing the vision of your website. We will put the targeted keywords into that header as well.
  11. Each and every images and icons of your website are properly optimized through our expert SEO optimisation with appropriate ALT tags.
  12. It is our privilege to mention the effective Meta instructions (like: Meta language, author, publisher, next crawling period, etc.) at the head section of every search engine robots and crawlers.
  13. To give the Best SEO service in NSW, we place special Meta information on the Google crawlers for the most appropriate indexing of the web pages.
  14. In case you follow the image links to interconnect the important pages, then we may advice to place a common footer section with text links for your all important pages.
  15. We may suggest for a robot.txt file to hide the indexing process of unwanted links (Like: Client login page, admin page, etc.).
  16. Broken links of your website always harm you to get better indexing into the search engines. We prefer to abolish broken links from your website before starting with the optimisation process..
  17. For better and easy crawling we suggest generating a search engine feed or we can say XML / ROR site map which includes all pages of your website.
  18. W3C code validation always helps SEO optimisation techniques to get ranked. Being one of the Best SEO services in Sydney, it becomes our priority to perform the W3C validation even before we start.

Off-page SEO optimisation

  1. Free Directory Submission: Submitting the link details of your website into enormous free general as well as theme based website directories.
  2. Reciprocal Directory Submission: Submitting the link details of your website into several reciprocal directories.
  3. Article Submission: Submission of several theme based articles into general article directories written by our professional content writers based on your business strategies.
  4. Press Release Syndication: Syndicating press releases of your business announcements into the Internet marketing industry is one part of the job for this Affordable SEO Services in NSW.
  5. Forum Participation: Participating into several theme based Internet forum to increase the knowledge as well as to promote your website link into those forums is but a fraction of the packages available at the SEO Company of NSW.
  6. Blog Submission : Comment submission into different relevant theme based blogs with your website link
  7. Reciprocal Link Building strong : Exchanging links with several relevant websites.
  8. 3-way Link Building : Exchanging links triangularly with several relevant websites.
  9. Log Analysis : Visitor log analysis of day to day incoming visitors to set the perfect SEO strategies for your website.
  10. Goal Analysis : The goal analysis or the goal conversion is necessary to recognize the effectiveness of the ongoing keywords and accordingly change web promotional strategy.